Hey folks this is Lee Coppin fonder of the Corporate Escapee Blueprint and serial entrepreneur. I created this course to help you launch a premium, high-ticket course in just 90 days!

20 years in the Corporate and professional world, a background in Process and Systems improvement and leadership development. 

I created this program to help Corporate Professionals quickly identify their unique value, get clear on the one problem they will solve, and launch their high ticket course while improving their confidence without overwhelming, frustration, and any financial risk.

When I started in the digital marketing space, I was completely overwhelmed and overloaded by all the information, offers and content flooding my inbox and newsfeed.
After spending years on every course and coaching program I could get my hands on I realized that instead of crushing financial goals I was actually going backward! The more I consumed, the less I got done!
Only after I “zoomed out”, applied my systems and process background, and created a complete “A-Z” strategy and simple process that covers every step required to launch a high ticket course, did I get results.


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If I’m honest, I didn’t think there was a lot to learn, but once you went over Key #3, it was like night and day for me.  Thank you so much for this, Lee!

Keith G.

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