10 X Your Income online

This simple tip will 10 X Your Income online

Yesterday was a long day, I did not get to sit down until late evening.

I had been in an all-day meeting at the day job, I started early working on my online business, so I could get a couple of hours in.

When I got home, we headed out as a family for dinner; this is what we do it all for.

So when I got home, I grabbed a soda and watched facebook live from one of my mentors Louis.

He just blew me away with his simple message.

Here is what he said.

If you want to 10x your income online whatever the nice your in you need to build relationships with your subscribers. You need to talk to them, help them and share real value.


Well, that’s simple people only buy from people they know like and trust.

This is truer today than ever before with all the scammers and BS we are seeing online.

You need an email list, you need to have a list of Friends on social media in your niche.

But most of all you need to reach out and interact with these people, help them expecting no reward, be a friend and mentor. Help them when they need a solution to their problems.

If you do this your business will grow and people will come to you for help, advice, and guidance.

Once this is the case if you suggest a solution they are more likely to spend their hard earned money.

So I challenge you to stop chasing the money and become a source of solutions and help your subscribers and social media friends.

You will get back 10x of what you put in.

I would love to hear from you what you thought about this, send me an email. I answer all of my emails personally.

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2 thoughts on “10 X Your Income online”

  1. This reminds me of Garrett Gunderson’s book Killing Sacred Cows reoccuring theme about our the type of life we choose to live. Garrett asks are we living lives of creation and purpose, consumption, or are we destructive. He argues and I concur, that when we choose the parh of production we naturally begin to create value and help others. This activity becomes our life purpose and it invigorates us.

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