3 Things You Need To Know To Help You Be A Success Online – July 2019

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3 Things You Need To Know To Help You Be A Success Online – July 2019

Here are the top 3 digital and affiliate marketing news you need to read.

So here is what I have found interesting on the interweb recently with my take on why you should care and what I think about them.

2019 Key Digital Marketing Growth Stats

We all know that social media plays a big part in digital marketing plans, if it’s not in yours then it should be. but it is always nice to get some confirmation that we are not wasting our time and money.

So I came across this on Social Media Today

Social media stats and trends can offer us great insight into where we should plan to spend our time and resources. Lucky for us, Mobile Marketer and Marketing Dive recently published articles highlighting new data and major trends in digital marketing so far this year


What’s interesting is that despite the negative press some social media platforms are getting we as online marketers are still spending our cash with them.

This is even more evident in the growth of locally-targeted ad spend. Love em or hate em we just can live without them.

A word to the wise though don’t put all your ads in one basket as history tells us that the bigger you are the harder you fall.

The US political climate is such that they could turn on the social media giants in a second and regulate the hell out of them. Trust me here that would screw us all very quickly.


Now if you use Youtube videos in your marketing and monetize them through promoting products then this is for you.

Personally, I know that most of the videos out there are made to make money especially the cute animal ones, yes I am cynic. So I don’t see why people need this.

Or as they say, there is one born every minute.

Search for “best headphones” on YouTube, and a video by Marques Brownlee, a popular tech YouTuber with nearly 9 million subscribers, will likely be one of the first to appear. Published last November, his video “My Favorite Wireless Headphones | 2018!” has over 2.7 million views. In it, Brownlee describes his favorite pairs of Bluetooth headphones and implores users to “hop on this wireless train before it leaves the station.” Below the video, he includes links to all of the products mentioned.
What he fails to mention in either the description or video itself is that purchases made from those links may also trigger small payments to Brownlee himself. Princeton researchers say the links include referral codes that typically denote 


So it looks like our friends at Google, using the term friends loosely here, have developed a Chrome extension for the nieve and gullible to save them from us nasty affiliate marketers.

They take our money to advertise and then do this – interested to know what you think.

Prioritize Your Customer Segmentation In Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Now personally I thought this was obvious but I realize that me just being an Asshole, which I can be at times.

Now there some self-realization for you.

So I have included this in this grab of intreating news and blogs

When developing a digital marketing segmentation campaign to market more directly to this particular audience, here are some ways you can segment your audience:
• Large cities with high rises.
• Communities with large rental markets.
• Zip codes with lots of apartment dwellers and townhomes.
• Cities and towns with dense housing.
• Senior citizen communities.
• Members of container gardening groups.


The truth is that to keep your advertising costs down and get the best return on investment you need to segment your customers, target your advertising and create your copy based on the needs of your customer segmentation.

Now that a lot of work and time you need to spend to get highly targeted traffic to your offers. but that is the key to making money online targeted traffic to the right offer equal better conversions.

In closing

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