A Leap Into The Unknown – Solo Ad’s first-time experience

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A A Leap Into The Unknown – Solo Ad’s first-time experience

A Leap Into The Unknown – Once more into the breach dear friends once more.

Traffic generation!

I am not known for my patience, and while I am happy to work on Free traffic strategies, I want to see results like yesterday.

So I decided to test my funnel using some paid advertising, in this case, Solo Ad’s

Quick and dirty methinks; I am not expecting much out this and defiantly no sales to start with.

So with the Solo Ad’s best practice guide in hand, I headed off into the Swamp Solo Ad’s to see what I could find.

I reached out to some posters on the Facebook Group Solo Ad Testimonials to see if I could get answers to some questions

  • Have you sent traffic to this type of offer recently – you want a No to this
  • Do you refresh your list regularly – this clearly should be Yes
  • How do you update your list – If they say through Solo Ad’s give em a miss
  • Do you provide a tracking report – again this must be Yes

I was looking for at least 80% tear 1 traffic and someone with good testimonials.

Know these species of marketer, those who sell solo ads, are not the quickest at coming back. But some did, and I was able to narrow the field down.

Long story short I picked one and placed my order.

All they needed was the link and. of course my money.

As I mentioned the link lets quickly talk about tracking. You MUST have a link you can track, you need to be able to see the unique IP address to make sure they are real subscribers.

Let’s talk Brass Tacks

Cost $35

Ordered 100 clicks

Delivered 110

Opt-ins – 24

% Opt-in – 21.8%

Ok, so I got an ok opt-in rate, nothing to write home about.

The question is do they engage with the follow-up and will I get any sales, that’s is the million dollar question.

But I can’t answer that here; that’s for another post another day.

Will I do more solo Ad’s – well yes, I understand that it is lower quality traffic, but it is a quick way to test an offer or funnel.

So that’s it for this post I hope you found it interesting.

If you have any comments or questions, leave them below or email me.

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