Affiliate Marketing Automation

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Affiliate Marketing Automation

Does Affiliate Marketing Automation work?

I am a fan of automation, hell we just brought ourselves one of those robot vacuums for the house.

However I have had very mixed results trying to automate some of my affiliate marketing tasks. When I say mixed results I mean amazing successes and absolute disasters

So what do I mean when I say Affiliate Marketing Automation? Well I am talking about auto posting or scheduling my Social Media posts, Automated link building, auto responding to my affiliate marketing facebook posts

Live and learn

So over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to make my life easier by automating some of my facebook posts and responses to marketing posts.

With the automated Facebook posts I have been trying out a new service offered by the Youzign team , they make a great design suite I use. My first passes at this have been a disaster and have had be banned from posting to groups by Facebook.

Now I think thats my fault because of how I was using the software. It does however highlight the dangers of trying to automate processes , not one to quit I am still working on this.

Small Wins

My second venture in to affiliate Marketing automation has been to set up autoresponders for my Facebook Page Posts using SalesResponce.

SalesResponce allows you to respond to post on your page with specific comments, like comments, send privet messages and more. This even works when you boos the post and takes all the strain should your post go viral

As i write this SalesResonce is closed to new customer, but I am keeping an eye on them .. this is good automation

Must Have Automation

Now of course there is automation you must have to be successful online and that is a Email Auto responder.

My first pice of advice is don’t go FREE, pay for a good service and you will not fall fowl later on when you risk losing your list of subscribers. Trust me it happens.

I use Aweber, I have tried others and to be honest its just worth paying for the service, the functionality and the reliability they offer.

My Conclution

While it is great to save time and automating certain Affiliate Marketing process is great don’r get carried away. The only real automation you need is your Email autoresponder.

Often we spend more time playing with tools than it would take us to do it by hand so to speak.

I would like to hear what you think, Leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

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