Aweber – What I learned setting up a follow-up sequence

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Aweber – What I learned setting a follow-up sequence

So we all know that the money is in the lists right?

It, therefore, goes without question that we all need to set up an email follow-up sequence. So this week that’s what I did.

I approached the whole thing with trepidation, I have never seriously done this before.

Yep, I was an autoresponder series virgin.

Now as luck has it, well proper planning actually, I am a member of Dean Holland Internet Profit Partners, I had a great training resource and step by step guides to setting one up.

I navigated to the training videos and dove right in.

Come in the water is lovely!

Aweber walks you through the process of setting up a list, so getting the setup right is not all that daunting.

Now you are told that you should use what’s called double opt-in for your subscribers, supposedly this is best practice.

However, it is hard enough to get someone to give you their best email address, so my IPP training recommends single opt-in.

And what do you know this is one little button, make sure both buttons under Confirmation Message are set to off, to click and your set on that front.

Now for building the email list, this is the bit that scared me the most.

I am not great at this writing thing, being dyslexic.

This is what has held me back in the past, it takes me an age to write anything.

But Dean and his crew had this covered as well.

There is a nifty little feature in Aweber that allows you to import a pre-existing follow-up series, all you need is a code.

Go under messages and then Legacy Follow Up Series and look for Follow Up Sharing.

If there are no messages in your list, then there is a link in a paragraph explaining what to do. Enter the code and press Load Follow Up Series, and like magic, all the messages are loaded.

The job is a good’en

So the last amazing thing I learned about it Global Snipits – Found under Personalize your messages.

These little dudes allow you to add lines of text, e.g. {!global my full name}

Now all you do is tell Aweber what to replace this text with and where ever it appears the text changes.

This is great for affiliate links etc. making it possible to reuse the email sequence over and over, quickly changing links and personalization.

Aweber has a little form you fill in that creates the snippets, and all you then do is paste them in the messages.

This coupled with the Follow Up Sharing saved me hours of work.

Overall the whole process took me about 30 mins to set up my first follow up series; yes the help from the IPP team was significant.

However it is clear with a little hard work upfront, setting up your first series, the rest is just a case of personalizing the messages for the list your building.

Want to find out more about Aweber? – Click here

To find out more about Dean and the Interner Profit Partners, and their new way of affiliate marketing then – Click here for Free training from Dean

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