Building an online business – Naming your Blog

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Building an online business – Naming your Blog

Now you may think naming your blog is a simple thing!

I spent a long time fretting over the name, trying to come up with a catchy name.

It was a complete waste of time!

Building an online business is about you being authentic to your self so with this in mind I decided on, earth-shaking right?

When you’re choosing your domain name, there are a few things you need to bear in mind.

What you choose as a domain name will depend on what niche you are in.

I would keep it as simple as you can.

The one thing I would recommend is that you choose a domain that ends in .com rather than any of the other options available.

Know if you are using SiteGround as I recommended in an earlier post you can buy your domain through them, this might cost you a few dollars more than buying it through domain name provides.

It will save you some time when setting up your blog, I will cover this step in a moment.

The domain reseller I use is NameCheap they are cheap, as the name implies, and reliable.

Updating Names Servers

If you buy your domain from your hosting then you won’t have to do this step; don’t panic though it’s not difficult.

You will need your name servers provided by your hosting. You will find these in your hosting C-panel. They will look something like:

These are an example from Siteground you will be different based on your hosting service.

Once you have these, watch this video to see how to change the name servers

When you have updated these, you may have to wait for 24hrs for them to update, though I have never seen it take this long.

When they have updated, then you can move to install your blog.

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