Building an online Business – Setting up your blog

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Building an online Business – Setting up your blog

Setting up your blog what you need

Firstly I need to make something very clear making money online is a real business, just like an offline business you need a few things to help build your business.

These are the essentials!

Setting up a business online will cost you a lot less than an offline brick and mortar business, but it’s not free.

Let’s look at what you need

First, you will need a domain name ( website URL address) you can see mine It is up to you what you use, my recommendation is to base it on your name as you are looking to build a reputation online so using your name makes sense.

I use a service called NameCheap it will cost you between $15 and $20 per year to get a domain based on your name.

So apart from that, you will need Hosting and an Auto-responder service

Hosting is where your blog lives, without it you don’t have a blog.

A quick note at this point – DON’T use free blog hosting services. This is a business, and it looks very unprofessional if you are using a free service.

Also, you have much less control with free blogging services. Just pay for it period.

Hosting services

Now you will get a hundred different opinions on which is the best hosting company. I am not getting into the in’s and out’s of who is best.

I use SiteGround they have not let me down, and they have everything you will need to host your blog – Check them out


The only other thing you will need to make money online is an auto-responder.

You will have heard the phrase “ the money is in the list.” This is VERY true so you will need to get one of these as soon as possible.

Trust me you will make much more money having one.

I use Aweber because in my opinion is that it is the best one. I have tried many others, and I always come back to my Aweber account.

What’s the cost?

You will need to budget around $40 a month to have these basic services in place.

Now others may tell you that you need other services or software to make your life easier, but hosting and an auto-responder is really all you need to make money online.

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