Building an online business – why blog

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Building an online business – why blog

If you’re building an online business why blog?

Ok so nearly everyone is teaching you how to drive traffic, make sales and exploit the new loophole online.

They want you all focused on the fun stuff, that’s how they make money.

But let I ask you what good is that if you don’t have basics down

Do you have avid fans who know and love you?

One of the key truths about making it online is that you must build a following of fans who know love and trust you.

To do that you need somewhere they can come and get to know and like you.

That is your blog.

What about content

Ok, I can hear you saying “ if I have a blog what the hell do I put on it.”

That completely depends what niche you’re in, but really your blog is a social platform where people of the same interests will come to get information.

Let say you’re made into golf and have a golf blog you can post your experiences golfing, comment on the tour results, talk about golf equipment, golf clothes or anything else to do with golf. This would attract people who are also interested in golf to your blog who are looking for information.

If you take me, for example, I am learning how to make money online in the make money nice, so my blog is a journal looking at my journey through marketing.

So my blog is a place where I share my experiences and learning as I build my online business.

This is attracting visitors who are also looking to make money online, I am giving away everything I am doing and learning for free to anyone who visits.

Hopefully, they like what they see and join my newsletter, that’s a hint in case you missed it, or choose to click on one of my links or ads, etc.

Ok, hopefully, you see why you need a blog if you are serious about building a longterm successful online business.

Just remember your blog is about building relationships with your audience. Focus on that, and the online income will follow.

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