Consistency and know your numbers.

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Consistency and know your numbers.

I want to share what I have learned over the last week.

You see, over the last few months, I have been distracted not focused on my online business. We have been moving home and getting settled in our new home and town.

Its been a long journey in distance and time; that’s another story I may get to another time.

Before the move, I was posting to this blog at least once a week, interacting on social media, sending daily emails, and marketing my blog.

Life got in the way, and for the last weeks, months, to be honest, I have struggled to find time to do anything to promote and grow my business.

As a result, my traffic dried up, and my sales did the same.

This hammered home the need to be consistent in my business. Now I am back where I started, that may be a little harsh.

So, this is what I learned.

Being consistent is a vital part of building organic traffic; my actions build on each other and develop its own momentum.

Additionally, the need to plan my time and make the best use of the time I have. That also fell by the wayside.

So note to self

  • Plan, and
  • Be constant in my actions

Then the next thing I wanted to talk about is a little painful to discuss. Let me explain

Last Friday, I joined a call with my mentor Dean Holland, excited to learn something new. Dean was obviously on edge, possibly annoyed.

He proceeded to talk about knowing our numbers and why the members of his mentor program were not seeing the results they were expecting.

Dean challenged us all to share our planning and activity sheets for the last 90 days.

I am ashamed to say that I was one of the group who could not do that.

And yes, and as I said above, I was not seeing the results I had previously seen and nowhere near what I wanted.

So you see, I had not taken any action, and I did not keep track of my traffic stats, sales, expenses, and outcomes of my lack of activity.

If I had done, I would have caught the impact of my lack of focus and lit a fire under myself sooner.  

Well better late than never, I have given myself a good telling off, I have to thank Dean for starting that process, and I have refocused myself.

What am I doing, and has it had an impact?

  • Planning my activity – filling in my action and accountability form
  • Acting against my plan – focused event designed to rebuild my traffic quickly.
  • Tracking my numbers – in fact, I went back to the start of the month and brought myself up to date.

The impact of this activity over the last 3 days is 386 clicks 62 leads no sales yet, but from a standing start, it’s a good start.

If you want to take anything away from this post.

 Its to be consistent in your actions; plan your time – make the most of your available time, and recorded your numbers so you can take action based on facts.

I hope you enjoyed this post today.

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