Facebook The New HAL 9000?

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Facebook The New HAL 9000?

Facebook The New HAL 9000 – 2001 Space Odyssey

So I am a big movie buff but I am starting to think that we should be a little worried about Mr. Z and his move towards becoming a Bond Vilan.

The big tech companies seem to be in all aspects of our lives. The question is as online business owners should we be embracing them or running to the hills?

Recently Facebook made an announcement about a new tool they want us to use to manager our off-Facebook activity.

Is Mr. Zuckerburg trying to make our lives simpler or just trying to collect more data and create more advertising opportunities?

In the coming months, we’ll begin rolling out a tool that lets people see and manage their off-Facebook activity. Mark Zuckerberg announced this feature last year, and it’s designed to give people more transparency and control over the data other apps and websites share with us. This will include a list of the apps and websites someone visits that use our business tools such as the Facebook pixel, SDK and API. We’ve had conversations along the way with businesses, agencies and industry bodies to get a sense of things advertisers will want to know in preparation, and we put together a list of four important points for you to bear in mind as the feature rolls out.

Content from https://www.facebook.com/business/news/what-businesses-should-know-about-the-upcoming-tool-for-managing-off-facebook-activity

Good for Affiliate Marketing

I am 100% sure that Mr Z will be offering us additional advertising opportunities, which can only be a good thing. I am still on the fence about Facebook having more of my data, Its all getting a bit Big Brother!

Not Running Yet

I am going to withhold judgment at this point; still lacing up my running shoes. If this new tool allows us to have more transparency online then great, If not then it may be too good to be true.

Only time will tell.

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