Free Traffic – Organic Traffic Content Posting Schedule

Free Traffic – Organic Traffic Content Posting Schedule

Organic Traffic Content Posting Schedule

In this post, you will learn the exact content marketing schedule I use to drive free traffic to my offers and website, so you can implement the same strategies in your business.

In this post, you will learn the exact content marketing schedule I use to drive free traffic to my offers and website, so you can implement the same strategies in your business. Click To Tweet

So let’s get started driving FREE traffic.

I use the weekend to create the content.

Now, I am a big fan of videos.

I find it much easier to create content using videos, so that’s what I do.
I record the videos at the weekend, then once I’ve recorded the videos, and I’ve edited the videos,

I then order a video transcript. I use sites like Rev or Scribie to do that.

They offer you two different ways of doing transcripts.

Using their AI, an automated transcribe service, and their real human transcribes service.

I always use the real human transcribe service because it’s much better quality.

You get a better translation of what you’ve said, and it makes it much easier to edit later as you create your blog.

I also strip the audio from the video so that I can use that for a podcast.

Organic Traffic Content Posting Schedule On Mondays, I post a video to YouTube,

I take the video transcript, I edit that for my blog post. I also include my video in my blog post, so if you go and have a look at my blog post, you will see that my video from YouTube is embedded in my blog post.

I publish that blog post, and then I use the audio to create a podcast.

From the recording of the video, I end up with three lots of content,
my video on YouTube,
my blog post, and my podcast, all from that one source.

Organic Traffic Content Posting Schedule On Tuesday, I market the content on social media.

I market it on Facebook using Quote Cards, short posts, and videos, post on both my page and my profile.

I also do the same on Instagram.

I do an Instagram short video, which is only five seconds long.

I do an Instagram video, which is no more than five minutes in line with Instagram rules. I post a Quote Card and a lengthy post.

I then create several pins on Pinterest.

I use a service called Tailwind Tribes.

I use their service to schedule those pins and repost them on a repeat schedule.

Then I also do blog hopping.

This is where I will go on to selected blogs with related marketing posts.

I read through those articles, and write a valuable comment, make sure that you’re able to leave a link to the blog post you are as part of that comment. I don’t spam, I don’t include the link in the content.

I like to comment on blogs that allow you to put that Blog link in as part of the comment process, e.g., your name, your email, a web link, and then your comment.

I blog hop on five to ten blogs per blog post and YouTube video.

So what I’ve done so far in the week for the Organic Traffic Content Posting Schedule?

I’ve created the videos over the weekend; I’ve posted my content on Monday, my first set of content for the week on a Monday, and then I’ve marketed it on a Tuesday.

On Wednesday, I post my next bit of content, my second video, and I repeat Monday’s process, I use the video transcript to create the blog post.

I publish the blog post, and I create my podcast.

Organic Traffic Content Posting Schedule – On Thursday, I do content marketing. I’m repeating Tuesday.

On Friday, I send a newsletter update to my list.

Now I want to give you some useful tips to help you make this easier.

So the first one is to schedule your content posting. You can schedule your video on YouTube.

As you’re uploading on YouTube and you are putting a video on there, you’re doing the SEO, you can actually schedule that to ultimately post on a date and time in YouTube.

That saves you doing it during the week, it will automatically post.

Do your Monday and your Wednesday postings, you can schedule those over the weekend, so you don’t have to think about it.

The same for your WordPress blog.

As soon as you get your video transcript back, you can also schedule your blog content as well.

I also like to take my videos and do lives.
I will take the video, I will edit it a little bit, and I’ll put it out live on different channels.

You can schedule that using a service called OneStream.

You can automate social sharing.

I use a service called Blogpros, it’s a paid service. They share to places like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, plus some others.

Their basic service gives you one blog post a day, and they share it to 200 or 300 different places, you’ll get 200 or 300 different shares.

It’s an excellent way of building up your organic backlinking to your content. And it also will drive traffic for you, so you can automate social sharing. Again, I use Tailwind Tribes as well for my Pinterest.

So those two services are Blogpros and Tailwind Tribes. Two ways that you can do social automate your social sharing.

Organic Traffic Content Posting Schedule – What is the key?

Well, that’s consistency. It is essential as you’re trying to build up organic traffic.

It is crucial for YouTube.

You can’t just randomly post on YouTube,

You can not post one the first week and four the next week and none for a month.

Well, that's consistency. It is essential as you're trying to build up organic traffic. Click To Tweet

It would be best if you did them regularly. So even if you’re doing one a week, do one a week,

if you post regularly, youTube will notice your actions

The YouTube algorithm will notice that you’re posting regularly and start promoting your videos.

And the same is on your blog.

When you start getting subscribers to your blog, then you need to stay consistent.

Putting excellent and valuable content on your blog because they will appreciate that, and they will learn to expect it and look forward; you’ll get more comments, likes, and shares, on your blog as you’re sharing that content.

Consistency is the key when you’re driving organic traffic through a content marketing strategy.

Always have a call to action in any of your content.

Make sure you’re focused on a primary offer.

It would help if you did not jump around, I would recommend that you have one primary offer and you stick to promoting that.

Additionally, ask people to subscribe and like and share your videos and your blog posts.

Use a call to action at the end of your content to do that.

You’ll notice I do this on my blog posts and my videos every single time.

I hope you found this post useful, and if you enjoyed this post, hit the like button, share it with your friends, and be sure you subscribe.

Thank you for your time, and I’ll see you in the next post.

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