Free Traffic Training – Social Media Hacks FaceBook.

Free Traffic Training – Social Media Hacks FaceBook.

Social Media Hacks overview

There are many things to consider when looking to drive traffic through social media. Each platform has a different set of requirements and Social Media Hacks you need to know and use to drive engagement and traffic.

The first thing to remember is that social media platforms want you to be sociable and are looking to keep visitors on their platforms.

Also, remember they are out to make money, so they are looking to drive us as marketers to buy advertising rather than drive FREE traffic to our offers.

Social Media Hacks Images

Each social media platform has different size image requirements – make sure you know what the sizes are and have the right dimensions for the platforms you are posting too.

Social Media Hacks for Facebook

On your Facebook pages add custom buttons to content on your blog

If you see a video, you like, download it

You can play videos you post from a set time by typing the time in the description

You can share a Facebook live by copy and pasting the URL.

When posting in groups tag the group, so all members see your post in their newsfeed

You can use automated messages to start building a relationship with new friends

Don’t forget you can find people who are in your nice by using the search bar.

Don’t over post – Facebook picks up if your spamming the platform and lessens your reach

Brand your videos or pictures with your logo and/or your blogs URL

You can add a link in comments to drive engagement

By adding banners at the top and bottom of your videos, you can increase views

Use Tall images in posts they take up more space on mobile devices.

Use upside down text – its stops the scroll!

Social Media Hacks – Conclusion

Facebook is an excellent source for free target traffic.

You need to play within the rules and don’t try to fool the algorithm, you won’t succeed.

If you break the rules, trust me I have done this, you will get banned for a time by Facebook.

Remember it’s a social platform therefor be sociable and like peoples posts, share personal stuff and interact like an average person, not a marketer.

It’s about making friends and building relationships.

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