How To Start Affiliate Marketing – Business Process the Answer to Everything

I wanna talk about how you start affiliate marketing and why an affiliate marketing business process is essential for you.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing –

Thank you very much for joining us and let’s dive straight into what we’re gonna talk about today.

In fact, it could be the answer to everything if you’re just starting out. And even if you’re not just starting out, you must have a process to follow.

So what I’m gonna do today is I’m gonna talk about what is a business process in respect to an affiliate or online marketing business, why the hell you should care, and what you can do to get one in place for yourself in your business.

So what I'm gonna do today is I'm gonna talk about what is a business process in respect to an affiliate or online marketing business, why the hell you should care, #affilaitemarketing #digitalmarketing Click To Tweet

But before we do,

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Having that said, I’ve got my trusty notebook with me so that I can look at my notes, so if you hear me pausing, see me pause, that is the reason why.

So why am I so into having a business process?

Well, I think back to when I started in this crazy business. I wish somebody just sat me down and shown me clearly the steps that you need to take, and how it all fits together actually to be successful online.

Now because somebody didn’t do that, I went out and completely over-complicated the whole of this affiliate marketing process, and it took me years upon years to realize what I’d done and to simplify down and distill down what I was doing.
Now, basically, a business process…

Or the process is you have some inputs that are coming in, you do something in the middle to it to add what they say value to it, so you change it in a certain way, then you get output out of it.
How To Start Affiliate Marketing – Business Process the Answer to Everything

Now, big businesses all over the world have these processes so that they have the same inputs every time, they do the same things every time, and they get the same outcome every time.

Bear that in mind as we keep on going through.

Now, let’s just take a step back as we’re talking about starting affiliate marketing here, and first all,

let’s just cover what affiliate marketing is.

In my basic terms, and this is definitely not Wikipedia here, but in my basic terms it’s getting paid for selling other people’s products that you are promoting, and you get paid through earning commissions.

According to Wikipedia, it is

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

So you take somebody else’s products, they have all the sales page and all the funnel, etc., laid out, you promote that product, you get paid a commission when you make your sale when you bring people to that product and make a sale.

A lot of people are doing this on Amazon, they’re using other sites like ClickBank, etc., they’re selling products from there, and they’re making money on it.

Here is the thing, you need a process to maximize your time and your effort and your investments,

So you get the most out of it.

Now, this business process where you put inputs in, something happens to it in the middle, and you get an outcome coming out is really, really important.

What does it look like?

Here are two ways we visualize digital marketing business processes.

There first is a simple high-level process flow like below

High-level business process How To Start Affiliate Marketing – Business Process the Answer to Everything

The second is to look at it as a funnel, this allows you to look at the process in detailed parts or steps in the process.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing – Business Process the Answer to Everything

Here is a definition of insanity, doing the same thing every time and getting a different result, or more importantly, doing a different thing every time, and expecting the same result.

Both are crazy, right?

So what you need in your affiliate marketing business is a set of steps that you need to go through that guarantee the same outcome very nearly every single time.

So you know when you start this process if you do X, Y, and Z, this is the result that you’re going to get.

It needs to be simple, it needs to be focused, and it needs to give you that desired result.
So What do you actually need in your process?

Well, you need a successful set of steps that you can copy, that you can actually do.

You need to follow them the same way each time, and guess what, then you will make money.

You just wash and repeat that process, and you continue to make money.

And as you get more and more confident with it, as you learn more, you can modify, you can grow that process, but you want those clear defined steps that are shown to be successful that you can implement in your business and deliver you the results that you want, which is obviously generating a profitable income.
What are the steps in an affiliate marketing or an online marketing process?

There’s quite simply four steps that you need to follow, things that you need to develop at a very high level, and we’re gonna talk about those in just a second.

Before we do that, what I wanna talk about is, and ask you a question, is what should this process be doing?

What exactly is this process for?

What should it be doing?

Now, I guarantee that you’re sitting there and you’re saying, “Lee, it’s to make me money. I wanna be rich.”

Well, yeah. It’s there to make you money, but that’s not really what the process should be doing.

And if that’s what you’re focused on, that’s the reason why you’re not making money.

That’s the mistake 95% or more of new affiliate marketers make, is they think that their process should be there to make them money.

The fact that it makes them money is a byproduct of what the process really should be doing.

You have to take a step back and realize something that’s very, very fundamental, is people only buy from people they know, like, and trust.

If you are making sales from people who don’t know you, like you or trust you, it is just a fluke.

You are sending so much traffic to an offer that you are getting the odd random sale.

Hard to take on the chin that, isn’t it? But that’s more than likely the truth.
What your process needs to be doing for you is to take visitors to your blog, your website, your landing page who are cold, who don’t know you, and move them through from being cold to warm to hot.

So what I mean by that is is they go from not knowing you to knowing you, then to liking you, and then trust you, so when you put them through your sales process, or you make an offer to them, they know, like and trust you enough to open their wallet, get their card out, or go ping on PayPal to spend money and send money to you.

That’s what your process needs to be doing.

Now knowing this, what are the four steps in your process?

Well, the first one is you have to generate traffic.

You can generate traffic in several ways, and that’s an entirely different subject that I’ll be covering in another blog post and video.

Once you generated the traffic, you need to capture those visitors and make them into leads.

Once you’ve captured them, you need to build a relationship. This is moving them from the cold to warm to hot, to know, like and trust you.

Once they know, like and trust you, you then can move them into your sales funnel where you can move them through a series of products or make offers to them to sell affiliate marketing products.

That is the basis of an affiliate marketing business process.

You need to have a process put in place so that you can expect the same outcomes from all the effort and work you put in.

So when you put traffic in, you know how much of that traffic is gonna convert into leads and how many of those leads are gonna convert into customers through your sales process.

What you need to do.

So first thing, drive traffic. Whether that’s free or that’s paid, you need to drive targeted traffic to your capture page, whether that’s on a blog, whether that’s a capture page, an opt-in page with a lead magnet, this is precisely what you need to do to drive targeted traffic to that particular capture mechanism.

Now, you can capture leads in a couple of areas.

I use two predominantly.

I use an autoresponder, I use AWeber, I also use Facebook Messenger bots. For different types of traffic, for different things, but those are what you can do.

So you need a method of driving traffic, you need to capture those leads, but that’s an autoresponder or a Messenger bot. That is the next bit of it.

You then need to follow up.

This is the relationship-building part of that process.

So you need a series of automated emails, a follow-up series on your autoresponder or on your Messenger bot, and then you also need to engage regularly with additional emails, topics, etc.

Now, what you’re trying to do at this point is you’re trying to build that relationship.

You build that relationship by adding value, by helping and supporting your subscribers as they are now without any expectation of getting anything back from them.

You are giving help freely, advice, and information that’s going to help them truly in their business.

Only by doing this are you going to be able to build their relationship with you, so they know, like and trust you.

This is really important. Build that relationship.

That’s a crucial thing to do.

And I’m not just talking a 30-day follow-up, you need to follow up with them and keep them going continually.

It’s a very noisy world out there, they need to see and hear from you almost if not every single day.

Once you’ve got them to know, like and trust you, you then can make offers to them and move them through into your sales funnel.

what you need at the end of the process is a sales funnel that takes your customer through a series from low-cost all the way through to high-cost, high-value, to high-ticket products.

And as they get to trust you and like you more, they’re willing to spend more money with you because they believe you, they’ve seen results from what you deliver, and they are much more likely to open their wallets and spend more money with you.
A raving fan or a small group of raving customers,

People who really know, like and trust you, are the key to having an excellent successful, profitable online business.

And the process that I’ve talked about, traffic, capture, build the relationship, move them into your sales funnel, is the process that you need to do.
It’s as simple as that.

Do not complicate it any more.

Under each of those process buckets, there are different actions that you need to take.

And in other content that I’m creating, I will talk about those different areas in much more detail.
I really hope that you liked what you have read today.

If you did, and you are looking to get more help, and you’re looking to find out more about how we can help you build a profitable online business.

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I’ve really enjoyed sitting down and doing this for you today.

I look forward to the next time I can sit down and share useful information with you, hints, and tips to help you be successful in your online business.

This is Lee Coppin from signing off. Have an absolutely fantastic day.

2 thoughts on “How To Start Affiliate Marketing – Business Process the Answer to Everything”

  1. Hi Lee,

    I just like the way you have explained the process of affiliate marketing both on your video and in the content of this article. So many get lost in the money mindset that they forget the nuts and bolts of marketing process. Therefore they quit or are banging their heads against the wall.

    Once we have that process of affiliate marketing down to a science for ourselves, we just rinse and repeat. It is easy once we roll up our sleeves and get the hang of doing it properly.


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