How to Start Affiliate Marketing – Sales Funnels Deminstifyed

In Todays Blog Posit I am looking at How to Start Affiliate Marketing – Sales Funnels Deminstifyed

How to start affiliate Marketing

Hi everybody. It’s Lee here from

Welcome to my latest training.

Today, what I want to do is to talk you about sales funnels, why they’re important, what is a sales funnel, how does it work, and what you need to think about when building a sales funnel and putting one into action in your business.

Today, what I want to do is to talk you about sales funnels, why they're important, what is a sales funnel, how does it work, and what you need to think about #affiliatemarketing #salesfunnels Click To Tweet

Sales funnels are talked a lot about in this business, and there are a lot of tools out there that people tell you that you need to have to build a sales funnel.

What tools you use and exactly what you do to develop these

Is a different part of this subject, but I just wanna look at a high level around the sales funnels and give you a bit of a feel for what they are and why you should be thinking actually to have the sales funnel in your business.

Let’s first start off with what is a sales funnel and what is it for.

A sales funnel is a series of steps that are designed to take prospects, those are your visitors, to a particular page, whether that’s your blog, your lead capture pages, etcetera, your offer pages, and turn them into customers.

Now, it’s a series of steps that does that and a set of systems or a system with a series that’s designed to do that for your visitors.

Now, I said in other blog posts and podcasts and videos that it’s essential that one of the critical things that you need to do is to, or the key focuses that you have, is to drive traffic into your business process or into your sales funnel.

This is key, but to make the most out of the traffic that you drive, you need to have a highly effective sales funnel.

Now, what the sales funnel will do is move them from just being traffic that arrives at a particular site or page, and moves them through a series of steps that gets them to know, like and trust you.

If you’ve seen other things that… Other blog posts or videos I’ve done or listened to any of my other podcasts, you will know that I’ve said on several occasions,

People only buy from people they know, like and trust.

And the series of the sales funnel, and your business process that I spoke about before is to drive the traffic that you get, those visitors, and turn them into raving fans, so they know, like and trust you.

As they do this, they will become customers, your customers, and that’s what the sales funnel is designed to do.

Hot to start affiliate Marketing

What are the parts or the different sections of a sales funnel that you need to think about?

Well, as you’re driving traffic into a sales funnel is that it’s that shape, it’s that funnel.

What you do is you load the top with prospects. And as they filter down through your sales funnel, and you get them to take different actions at different points, and you interact with them in different ways throughout that sales funnel.

They get to know and like you and they get to the point where they’re willing to open their wallet and spend money on the offers that you make and your own products or affiliate products that you are selling.

Now, it’s deliberately shaped like that because what happens is, as people come down it, they fall out of the funnel, and you get narrower and narrower further down.

So you need to put a lot in at the top to get the results out of the bottom,

It’s designed to filter those people and get down to the people who are really serious about building online income and building an online business.

Who really serious about wanting to buy the products and services that you’re offering.

So let’s have a quick look at the parts of this funnel or sales machine that you’ll need to build within your business.

How to start affiliate marketing

And the reason I’m pausing and looking down is I’ve got my trusty notebook to keep me honest, so let’s have a look at this. So the first part of your sales funnel is that initial lead capture, the top of the funnel.

This is where you are going to be capturing these people.

Getting them into your sales machine, into your funnel.

Now, you typically do this by offering a lead magnet.

This will be a free report or a free training course or a free video, or a very low-cost product that you want them to take.

And what you’re asking them to do is make a commitment.

By either giving you their email or spending $4-5 with you, or maybe less, to actually get the information that you’re offering.

And then you get them into the top of that sales funnel, and they start moving now.

So the first bit is the lead capture bit: These are your lead capture pages, these are your pop-ups on your blog, these are the “sign up to my newsletter and get this free guide.”

However you’re doing it, whatever system you’re using to capture and manage your leads, whether that’s an auto-responder or something like Facebook messaging bots, that’s the top of your funnel.

The next bit of your funnel is what I call relationship building.

Going back to precisely what I was talking about earlier on, which is people only buy from people they know, like, and trust.

So your relationship building portion of this, which is typically your email follow-up service or your messenger follow-up service, where you are providing value to your subscribers, giving them additional training guides, checklists, information, funny stories, interacting with them, getting them to like you, getting them to look at your blog posts, giving them access to your podcast, etc,

As you build that relationship with them and they start moving through your funnel.

As you start moving through that funnel, what you’re able to do is to get them to increase their commitment to you as they get to know and like you more.

So you might have been a free product at the top; as they move down, as they get to know and like you more, you can offer them a product that maybe is $5 or $10, 9.99, for instance.

If they’re willing to make that commitment to that, then they get more information from you, they realize that you’re really adding value to them, and as they go through, now through the funnel, you can get them to make more significant and more substantial commitments, so they’re spending more and more money with you.

This will then pull them through, and the ultimate for most affiliate marketers or most product marketers online is to move their visitors through there funnels.

Get them to be customers and clients, then get them to spend on high ticket products, which typically are between a 900 and 1000, 2000, 3000, some cases 30, and $40,000 per product, depending on the value that you’re giving.

So for instance, some of the gurus out there, I use the word guru loosely, out there are offering or presenting their clients with 30 or $40,000 coaching products so that their personal coaching is important business building for their clients.

So that is what the sales funnel does.

You put the people in at the top, visitors in at the top, move them through the funnel.

Turns them from traffic all the way through to customers, and gets them involved in liking you.

Now, if you do this right and if your sales funnel is set up correctly, you’ll get a number of people that are willing to spend considerably larger amounts of money with you on the products that you own and develop or other people’s products, so that you can earn revenue from them and they can grow their businesses.

So that is what the different sections of a funnel are for you. Now you can see that working.

Here’s a catch for you if you’re an affiliate marketer.

Often as affiliate marketers, what we do is we jump on product launches or what’s called launch hacking, and we promote somebody’s new product that’s out there or an existing evergreen product that’s out there, and we promote the front end of that product, which is typically under about 20, $25.

Now, we make a sale of that, and we might get anywhere between 50 and 70%, 75% commission of that, so we’re earning $15, $10-$15 a sale on that.

That takes a lot of effort to get people through that… It’s a lot of effort to make sales on that.
You gotta drive a lot of traffic.

You gotta have a vast subscriber list that you’ve built that relationship with to really make big money in that.

what are the product owners and the product developers doing?

Well, what you’re actually doing is, for them, you’re leading prospects into their big sales funnel.

And what they’re doing is, after you’ve made the initial sale, or maybe a one-time offer where you’ve earned an additional commission.

They are then going to them and offering them higher ticket products and leading them through their sales funnel.

So they’re using you to drive traffic, prospects into their sophisticated ultimate sales funnels. Thus you’re making a little bit of money, and they are making a lot of money.
This is the problem as an affiliate marketer.

You’re really at the front end of that process, and you’re not really getting paid for the work that you’re doing.

So here is a solution for you, or there are one or two things that you need to be doing.

You could either set up an ultimate sales funnel for yourself and build that process up and develop all those products, all the different levels, all the way through to the big coaching products, the big training products at the other end.

Now, this typically can take you years to do that, but you can do that, it’s possible, there’s a lot of people out there that have done it and are highly, highly successful at pulling people through their sales funnels.

They’ve got outstanding 60, 90, 120-day or more follow-up sequences on emails, they’re communicating to their traffic, their visitors, and their new subscribers and their customers daily.

It’s a real business for them, and they’re working at that all of the time.

So you can choose to do that, you can choose to build your own sales funnel and feed that with visitors, and reap the benefits of that, and you can make an awful lot of money doing that.

The other way around is you need to find an ultimate sales funnel that you can plug into and you can leverage.

There are a few people out there that offer those for you, but they do come at a cost.

But if you think about how much time, money, and effort it would take for you to develop your own ultimate sales funnel, then it might well be worth you looking at that and saying,

“If I’m gonna be spending thousands of dollars over several years to develop this, would it not be better for me in my circumstances to buy into that and get access to that, and be able to use that and leverage that today?”

Now, that’s a choice that you actually have to make, but it is critical that you build this sale funnel into your business and you understand how that sales funnel will work and what that does.

I’ve spoken previously in the past in other video blog posts and podcasts about why an affiliate marketing or an online marketing business process is really, really important.

And this is just maybe another way of looking at it, by explaining it what a sales funnel is and how a sales funnel works.

It’s another step-by-step process, but it’s vital that you understand why we have them in this business and what they’re actually designed and to do.

There’s a sales funnel, that’s what it is, and the choices that you have to make.

Ultimate Sales Funnel

Now, if you’re interested in getting access to an ultimate sales funnel and how you can leveraging that in your business today, I may have something for you that will be of interest.

And if you just reach out to me and let me know, I’m more than happy to discuss that with you, give you the information and see whether you qualify to be able to use it and leverage it in your business.

So just message me, email me, or go onto my blog site at, you’ll see an opportunity to schedule a call with me.

It’s completely free, and we’ll talk about it and see whether you qualify to be able to get access to this ultimate sales funnel and leverage it in your business with a very minimal effort, and very quickly within your business today.

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So this is Lee Coppin signing off.

I hope you’re having a fantastic day, I hope you are having a profitable week, and come and visit my blog whenever you can. That’s Have a great one.

Talk to you all again very, very soon. Bye-bye.

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  1. Hi Lee,
    Thank you for the article. Indeed a very interesting topic and certainly valuable for those who are interested in sales funnels as well as affiliate marketing. I believe setting up a well-optimized sales funnel is crucial for any business type but it can certainly make great use for affiliate marketers also.
    Thanks again Lee!

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