If You’re Not Doing This You Will Not Be Successful

If You’re Not Doing This You Will Not Be Successful

Let me ask you a question, be honest now because this is important.
Do you know the things you need to do which will drive your online business forward?

More importantly, hand on heart, are you doing them?
Keep this in mind as I have a plan for you later in this post.

Personal Reflection.

If I am honest with my self, I have fallen off the path; I have caught myself doing stuff that I like to do not what drives my business forward and puts money in the bank.

Now I can make a strong case why this has happened, life has got a little more complicated the last two months, but this is not an excuse for letting myself get distracted.

A firm kick in the pants.

My problem has been that I have been trying to do too much and what I have been doing is tinkering with my Blog, half-assed playing with FB ad’s, “engaging” on FB and feeling like I have been busy. In reality, I have been playing, scrolling social media, and tinkering with one FaceBook ad campaign. Busy doing nothing working the whole day through!

I am fixing the problem.

Ok, how the hell have I got myself back on track, spoiler alert I have got back on track?

So remember I asked two questions at the start of this post.
Do you know the things you need to do which will drive your online business forward and are you doing them?

I don’t know how you answered these questions; if you are stuck, not seeing the success and revenue you expected, No sales, no subscribers, Yada Yada Yada.

If this is you, then you have not identified the activities that drive your business forward, you are not doing the activities that drive subscribers, sales, and money into your bank.

Period, full stop!

You need to stop whatever you’re doing right now, reevaluate and realine.

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The Plan Step 1

What you need to do is …..

List out everything you have done in your business in the last week/month, for example.
1) Set up Page Like Campain on Facebook for @leecoppindotcom
2) Set up Ad manager in Blog – widget banners, post banners
3) Played in a new social media management tool
4) Engaged on Facebook (shortcode for wasted a tone of time)
Are you getting the idea?

Be honest with your self and write everything down in detail.

The Plan Step 2

Now you have a list of activities you have done in your business.
Ask yourself these questions:
1) Has this activity added subscribers to my email or bot list?
2) Has this activity grown my brand or authority in my niche?
3) Has this activity made sales and put money in my bank?

If the answer is NO, then the activity is not adding value to your business.
You should now have a list, noted which of your activities added value, subscribers, and or money to your business.

If you were like me 95% of what I was doing added none of the above, it’s a shock to realize how much you are doing is a waste of your time.

The Plan part 3

Stop doing activities which are not moving and growing your business.
If they need doing, then outsource the activity through sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

You will also have a much smaller list of actions that do add value to your business; you’re now going to grow this list by setting your self SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely) goals for the next week, for example

1) Add 500 subscribers to my email list,
2) Add 40 subscriber to my messenger bot list,
2) Make $250 in affiliate/product sales,
3) Add 30 new members to my membership site.

These all are SMART goals – They are
a)specific – clear as to what you want to do
b) Measurable – you have a precise number/measure which defines success
c) Attainable – the target should be a challenge but be something you can do if you’re starting then adding ten subscribers could be a significant win.
d) Relevant to your vision and goals for your business
c) Timely – has a fixed time for completion. In this case a week.
Goals into actions.

Now you have your goals for the week, you going to write down the steps you need to take each day to complete these goals.

Start small, focus on one goal, identify the actions, schedule the tasks each day you need to take to achieve your goal.

Let me give you an example.
Goal –
Increase my blog traffic by 50% in the next 30 days
Tasks –
1) Post-high-value content to my Blog once a week
2) Share this on social media
3) Engage with high-value comments on two authority blogs in my niche each day to promote my blog posts every day for 30 days
4) Share the authority blog posts I comment on social media, promote my Blog on these shares.

Laser focus

You need to have an absolute focus on the tasks and activities that drive you to complete your goal.

Only when you have completed these every day can you allow yourself to do anything else in your business.

Work before playing it is the only way you’re going to achieve success in your business.

Rince and repeat

When you are successfully set you next SMART goal, create a task list, schedule and retake massive action.

As you do this, it gets, and you will be highly motivated because you see results.

Not my Idea – Originally

I want to take the credit for coming up with this approach, but that would be anywhere near to the truth.

I want to give credit where credit is due.

My mentor Dean Holland has told me about focusing on the four key areas to drive my business success – Check out his free live training every Tuesday at 6 pm EST

The second is Kim Roach, Buzzblogger.com, who has taught me the difference between $100 activities and $1,000 activities. I highly recommend joining her ‘Tribe.”

And Finally

If you want help looking at what you’re doing in your business and how you can become more productive, then I am offering you a FREE strategy call.

This is not a sales call, and I will not pitch you anything. It’s 100% FREE and focused on you and your business.

What’s in it for me? Well if I do a good job, you can provide a testimonial if you like.

Book your free strategy call here

5 thoughts on “If You’re Not Doing This You Will Not Be Successful”

  1. Great advice Lee,

    I find that list making really gets us to focus on what we have done in the past and what we intend to do.
    I like lists because when I check each task off, I find that I’m elated.
    We have to be pin focused on our individual plan of action. If it is to add 50 new people on our email list, we then have to brainstorm of how we are going to do that…write it down…and most importantly take action.
    Creating SMART goals is the key to success, otherwise we are wandering all over Facebook and other social platforms without an intention.

    Thanks for the tips!


    1. Donna it’s so easy to get pulled in to Facebook scrolling and waste the day feeling busy.

      This last week of this focused action has had a significant impact on my blog traffic and clicks.

      The proof is in the pudding as they say.

  2. These are great pointers, Lee.

    I personally work on my income streams daily and have a checklist of the minimum daily activities I need to do eg Create quality content, valuable posts across several social media platforms, share niche specific content of value, analyse and redress my lead capture activities etc etc

    Not a great lover of writing on paper (I have terrible handwriting) but commuting to paper still seems to be the best way of embedding knowledge.

    1. I am a lover of cheat sheets as they give you a checklist to follow; keeping you honest and doing actions that move your business forward.

      The definition of insanity is doing a different thing every time and expecting the same result!

      I also have found that writing stuff down makes it stick in my head.

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