Improving My Mind – The 5 Second Rule

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Improving My Mind – The 5 Second Rule

I read or did I hear that highly successful people are reading for at least 30 mins a day.

So I have embarked on educating my self to get out of my own way. My first stop is a book called The 5 Second Rule

Why may you ask?

Well, I have known for some time that I am scared of success, YES honestly I stand by and watch myself not taking action because success scares me.

Crazy Right?

I decide to do something then I stop and think about it, and my brain takes over and talks me out of doing the one thing I should do to move closer to being successful.

I discovered this book after taking the advice of Dean on the first webinar of the Quick Start Challenge 2018 which was to watch or listen to motivation recordings first thing in the morning.

After a little research, I discovered that this book offers a simple but powerful way to beat the thought processes that stop you from taking risks or doing anything you are hardwired to be fearful of by counting backward from five to zero.

I am sure it’s not that simple but I am more than willing to go on a little faith and give this a try.

Hold on – There is no try only do – Masta Yoda 

So let me change that last statement I will put the method to work and see how it impacts my life.

I will keep you all updated on how this turns out.

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