Not all Traffic is born equal – My story of Solo Ad’s

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My journey buying solo ads and how I discovered not all traffic is born equal

Like a lot of people building their online businesses while holding down a full-time job, so the time I can spend on marketing and growing my online income is limited.

I am continually juggling life in the corporate world, family and affiliate marketing trying to find a balance. So finding ways to save time and being as efficient as I can is very important to my success.

My other consideration is that I don’t have a massive marketing budget.

Sounds familiar right!

Because of this, I looked for traffic generation that is

  • Quick to set up
  • Fixed costs
  • Easy to track, and
  • Effective – opt in’s and sales

Because of this, I decided to use Solo Ad’s to drive leads into my business.

Job done!

Well not exactly, I discovered very quickly that not all traffic is born equal, especially true for Solo Ad traffic.

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Are Clicks really clicks

So the first thing I found was that I got the clicks I ordered, but they did not opt-in.

If they opted in, they did not engage with the emails or the offers.

In short, I got what I paid for.

If your paying for cheap traffic you get cheap traffic and ZERO results

Buyer Beware.

Don’t focus on the cost per click

I was focusing on the wrong thing.

I was focusing on the cost per click which only tells me how much the traffic campaign will cost me.

This means nothing.

I needed to be focused on the Cost Per Lead.

Cost Per lead is the cost of the solo ad divided by the number of opt in’s

For example $45 / 35  = $1.29 per lead.

This is a more realistic view of the return on investment, but it’s not the whole story.

The cost to acquire a customer

The real figure to measure is the cost to purchase a customer.

Total marketing costs / total number of customers – for example.

$10,000 / 2000 = $5 per customer.

Why is this important?

Let’s go back to the cost of the solo ad.

What is better?

$250 for 500 clicks with a 30% opt-in rate with 1 sale


$650 for 500 clicks with a 75% opt-in rate with 11 sales

The first option has a $250 cost to acquire a customer, the second option has a $59 cost to acquire a customer.

The difference is the quality of the traffic resulting in a higher opt-in rate, higher engagement resulting in more sales.

The key here is promoting a high ticket product so they return on investment pays for the marketing costs and provides a profit.

Looking forward

I am now testing two traffic sources which fall under option two.

As I write this, I am waiting for the campaigns to start. I will follow up this post with the results in a case study- good or bad.

And Finally

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