So The Journey Begins

So the journey Begins

So today is the day I am starting the Quick Start Challenge!

It’s time to take my dreams in hand and stop making excuses and blaming others for the fact that after many years of trying I still have not made enough money online to cover what I have spent chasing shiny object and snake oil salesmen promising overnight success.

Like so many others I have tried and failed over and over again believing that success is just out of my grasp. Well, now I know it’s just around the corner and all it takes is hard work and a belief in my self which, if I am honest, has been sorely lacking.

That changes as of today its time to take the leap trusting that by my own hand I can create a business that will deliver a life-changing income for my family and me.

I Invite you to join me on my quest I will be chronicling my journey at least once a week, what I am doing and my failures and success.

I am excited and ready!

2 thoughts on “So The Journey Begins”

  1. Hi lee

    What a great blog post, love the fact that you put Honesty front and center. I hope this goes well for you. I will sign up to your newsletter in the hope that honesty continues and you share both the good and the bad of your journey,

    1. Tony thank you for your comments, My newsletter is in its infancy so please allow me to be a good parent and nurture it. I will continue to be upfront about my journey, the good or bad.

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