Stopping Procrastination – High Impact Affiliate Marketing

Stopping Procrastination – High Impact Affiliate Marketing

Stopping Procrastination

I suffer, like so many, to keep focused on achieving my goals, completing my tasks, etc.

With so many distractions including social media, the day job, Tv, PlayStation to name but a few.

We live such hectic lives it’s hard to get everything done.

I have tried so many techniques and tools to help me to be more productive.

Seems I spend more time setting them up and not doing what I need to complete to be a success.

I know that by making a to-do list and prioritizing help, but I struggle to decide what to do and break down the big tasks to smaller bitesize actions.

Normal schedules and to do list just don’t it for me, it might only be me – comment below if you have the same issues.

After looking for a solution, asking my friends and mentors, I have started using a new tool which is a scientific based approach to getting stuff done.

Welcome to the PandadPlanner.

I know it’s a funny name but don’t let that fool you – Its broken down to monthly, weekly and daily schedules.

It comes with a whole load of training and support which enables you to hit the ground running and get your life together. Not only work but personal as well.

The process is simple you plan your month, week and day focusing on both actions and how you feel, using simple tools to make you spend time on the positive and getting the important stuff done.

It’s my first week with the PandaPlanner.

Already I have seen a positive impact on my efficiency and effectiveness, with the added benefit of feeling great about the stuff I am doing.

At this point I am going to give it 4.5 stars; keep an eye out for a follow up to this post on this.

If you want to know more then click here 

I also have a 10% off code  – PANDAFAM

Comment below if you have or are getting a PandaPlanner

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