The 4 Reasons Affiliate Marketers Are Not Successful

The 4 Reasons Affiliate Marketers Are Not Successful

In this blog post and video I want to talk about the 4 reasons affiliate marketers are not succeful

When stating off new affiliate marketers start off with 4 key issues that hold them back. And this often stays with them as they struggle and fight to build a business over the weeks, months and years.

Not your fault!

Most markers are pushing the messages and information that leads to you making these 4 mistakes that hold you back. The 4 reasons affiliate marketers fail are learned so the good news is that you can be unlearned.

I almost guarantee you that once you understand the 4 things that are holding you back you can make the changes today.

Take the time and watch the video

4 Reasons Affiliate Marketers Are Not Successful

4 Reasons Affiliate Marketers are not Successful

Let me get in to the 4 reasons –

The first is Mind Set

Many affiliate marketers start off believing that they are going to be millionaires overnight with little or no investment or work. THIS IS JUST NOT TRUE, sorry to shout.

If you want to get rich overnight buy a lottery ticket. However, if you want to build a profitable online business you need to work hard and dedicate your self to your business.

The second is linked to the first – Not providing value

You need to educate yourself and provide your subscribers and followers with real value, help them with their business and help them grow. You need to do this without expecting anything in return.

You need to build your brand and relationships with your subscribers and followers, if you do this it will pay you back 10x .

On to the third reason – Constant Promotion

Quite simply stop constantly selling to audience. See the second reason…..

if your constantly send promotional message you are going to lose your audience. You will be spamming them and they will unsubscribe and it will damage your brand

And so finally the fourth reason is – Giving up to quickly 

As I said the previous reasons nothing happens overnight and I see so many affiliate marketers giving up so close to success. You need to dig in, do the right things you will see your business grow.

Don’t give up !

It took me 5 years to work this all out and start building a profitable online business.

If you want to find out what I learned that turned arround my affiliate marketing business. Then grab your self a copy of the Affiliate Marketers Playbook , written by my mentor Dean Holland.

It shows you why you’r struggling and what the hell you can do about it. It is a physical book so you just need to pay the S&H and Dean will send you the book.

If your serious about your success then you need to read this – Get your copy here.

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