The 5 things you need to do when setting up ManyChat bots

The 5 things you need to do when setting up ManyChat bots
The 5 things you need to do when setting up ManyChat bots

So a few months ago, Well it was 12 months ago, I started using messenger bot on Facebook to market my business.

And like a typical man, I did one thing very wrong, and now I’m sitting kicking myself because I have missed so many new subscribers to my bot lists.

So this week I have taken action and corrected my mistake. I wanted to give you the 5 things you needed to set up when starting a ManyChat messenger bot.

The 5 Things!

1) Set up the greeting text, this is used before any visitors interact with your messenger.

2) Set up your custom fields, did you know you could capture things like a visitors email in messenger? Custom fields is how you do this. 

3) Set up your main menu, this appears at the bottom of your messenger when anybody interacts with you on messenger. Just imagine having a blog style menu in your messenger, very cool

4) Set up your default reply, this gets people started interacting with your bot

5) Set up your welcome message, this is where you get to introduce yourself to begin building a relationship and adding people to what you have to offer.

What I fail to realize was that if People found me on Facebook and interacted with me on messenger without the above set up, I was missing new subscribers that might become new customers.

What a fail, how stupid and shortsighted was I?

What Next

So what I highly recommend, is that you don’t follow me, and you take action today to set up your bot correctly. Moreover, whenever you set up a new bought you take the time and set it up correctly, Yep that means Doing the five things above as a minimum.

The proof is in the putting, right? So Here is the evidence,Within three hours of setting these five things up on my messenger but I had captured for new subscribers, now that’s what I call a result!

Finally, I would humbly ask that you share this post with your friends on Facebook, I am assuming you like my post.

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