Thousands Of Emails A Day – BUY FROM ME!

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Thousands Of Emails A Day – BUY FROM ME!

Thousands Of Emails A Day – BUY FROM ME!

Well yes, I cry of course I do, open the email and read the captivating copy!

Here is my credit card and there we go the one thing that I just needed, this is going to do it, this is finally going to make me the millions.

Another shiny object, another secrete loophole discovered, another do it all for you and don’t lift a finger solution that falls way short of the claims made on the sales page.

Yes I am suffering from SOS ( Shiny Object Syndrome)

Well, there it is the first steps towards recovery I have just admitted I have SOS, But can I go cold turkey, I never worked out why eating cold poultry cures you of anything?

Anybody ???? 

I have suffered like so many newbie marketers with SOS for years now and while I know I have all the classic the symptoms I thought I could manage it.

So what are the symptoms?

  • Seeing a compelling headline and not being able to delete the email before clicking the link
  • Buying the latest training, software or secret loophole even if you can’t afford to buy a pizza for dinner
  • Saying “this is the last one, it’s just what I need” my precious! 
  • Having a hard drive full of software, plugins, WordPress themes, Videos you have never looked at or used.

The above is some of the classic symptoms of SOS but not ALL,

And YES, I have them all.

Ok, you ask why is that so bad. Well, let me tell you!

You never finish anything or give any method enough time to work before you move on to the next thing.. oooo look Shiny!! – sorry got distracted !!!!

When this happens you don’t make any money, nothing, Nada!

Yes, it’s as simple as that, you have not made any money online because you’re too busy running after the next miracle cure for not being an internet millionaire.

But you cry how can I stop!

Well, I am no expert but here is what I am going to do, you can join me if you like, I am going to unsubscribe from every marketer who just promotes to me, you know the ones. If they don’t add any value to my life and only treat me like a walking ATM then they are gone.

Remember don’t click the link they are promoting,you’re there to unsubscribe,

After that, I am going to concentrate on one project, and one alone.

I have been told that this is the cure to NOT being able to make money online, it’s that simple concentrate on one project, build a strong base and I will make money online.

It’s going to take work, focus, and dedication; just like everything worth doing in life.

This blog is dedicated to that journey, this blog is the one project. Come and join me, see how I do. Keep me honest and on track.

Let’s beat SOS together, shall we?




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