Traffic Engine – Long Term Traffic Systems

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Traffic Engine – Long Term Traffic Systems

We are all looking to get Long Term Traffic.

So this week I have been concentrating on building a Traffic Engine

The one thing that has become very clear to me as I journey through marketing is that I learn new stuff each and every week; this week it has been paid traffic through Facebook ad’s

I have been driving traffic from Facebook using the “Attraction Method.”; while this is Free it is time-consuming.

I have seen some good success. However, I do need to drive highly targeted traffic without all the work of a free method.

What I have learned that it is more complicated than I expected.

Long-Term Traffic Technical Challenges

It’s not the creation of the FB ad’s that is the complicated part. It is the set up of the engine and structure of the lead development funnel.

You can see from the graphics that I am driving traffic by offering lead magnets, on different topics, using paid advertising, Free marketing, Blog posting, and Facebook retargeting.

The retargeting is the secret source. It enables me to segment my visitors by actions. Allowing me to send different messages/ad’s to different audiences.

My challenge has been to set up this retargeting on the platform I use to build my landing and bridge pages.

While in theory its simple to do, copy and past in most cases, it has been where and how to do the copy and paste that has taken me the time to learn.

Once I had this cracked it took very little time to duplicate it on all the pages I wanted to pixel.

From Cold to Warm

What this system is designed to do is move my traffic from cold, they don’t know me, to Warm, they love and trust me. This is done by providing added value and communicating with them on a regular basis.

It works on a simple truth people buy from people they know love and trust.

Don’t ever forget that as It may well be the reason your traffic never buys from you.

The Next Steps To Long Term Traffic

My traffic engine is not finished as I type this. However, I am not letting that stop me promoting so I am posting on Facebook as I work on the rest.

Money likes fast action, even if it’s not perfect. So don’t let the fact that something is not 100% perfect stop you moving forward.

Last Thought

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