We are blessed – What helping a Facebook friend taught me

We are blessed – What helping a Facebook friend taught me

As I write this, I feel blessed and humble.

I have learned a life-changing lesson this week, and it all started on a mentoring call with Louis from the Internet Profits Partners team.

Louis talked about reaching out to our scribers, and Facebook marketing friends offer to help them.

It’s a crazy thought right helping people!

As I thought about it, I realized I would not be seeing success if it was not for the help I am getting.

I realized it would be so selfish of me not to help others. The industry has more than enough greedy, self-centered jerks it definitely not need another one.

Therefore I reached out to the people who I have been sending information to and asked if they were stuck and if I could help.

A cry for help

I had a Facebook friend come back and say he was really stuck; he told me he was desperate.

He had spent money he could not afford to try to find the one thing that would help him look after his family.

However, he was still desperate to make extra money to support his family.

He is in catch 22.

We talked for two days, on and off. I do hope what I said helped.

This taught me that no matter how much life is getting on top of me and things don’t go my way it pales in significance when you talk to others who are struggling to make ends meet.

Having never had to struggle to put food on the table or choose to feed my family and go hungry myself.

I am blessed and lucky to be where I am; I am going to work twice as hard so I can help more people.

Also, it has made me very upset and angry with the snake oil salesmen.

They peddle poorly made, miss guiding products which suggest that you can make money overnight.

These people are making money with no intention to help others be successful.

This is from the hart

If you are struggling and stuck, I want to help you.

Email me, I will come back to you so we can discuss your situation.

A word of warning !!

You have to be willing to invest in yourself and your business, give it the time and effort it deserves. Nothing happens overnight with zero work.

2 thoughts on “We are blessed – What helping a Facebook friend taught me”

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing and also why I enjoyed it so much is because of your genuine desire to help people.
    You have helped me in many ways. So a big thank you from me. Looking forward to seeing how your journey continues. Wishing you all the best.

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