Who is the Who – do you know your target customer

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Who is the Who – do you know your target customer

Do you know who your target customer is?

If you’re sitting there reading this and saying “people who want to make money online” then you don’t know who is the who!

Let’s take a step back and examine why you need to know your target customer on an intermate level and how this is going to improve your messaging, advertising and most importantly how successful you are.

Ok, let’s start here.

What are people looking for when the head on to the interweb?


They have a question, Problem, PAIN and they are looking for a solution.

Now take note of the word Pain here, I used it quite deliberately, we as marketers need to identify the pain of our target audience and provide a solution to fix that pain.

More to the point as Affiliate Marketers we need to create a value message that highlights the pain and shows the products we are promoting address that pain.

To be able to do that we need to be able to be like the FBI profilers and develop an image of our target person.

Who are they, age range, income range, relationship status, what motivates them, what are their dreams and desires, you get the idea.

Build up a picture of them, layer by layer.

Panicking yet?

Don’t worry this is not as hard as you think.

If you are interested in and passionate about the niche your in then you 90% of the way there because your target market is YOU!

I can hear all the forehead-slapping from here, Doh!

So here is your challenge, sit down with a piece of paper and create a profile of your ideal customer remember:

  • Age range
  • Income Range
  • Relationship status
  • What are their passions, what motivates them
  • What are their dreams and goals in life
  • List out their pains, frustrations, etc
  • Write pain statements – increased pressure to succeed online due to spending so much money and time without any success, for example
  • Why are they not achieving their goals and dreams
  • What is stopping them making a choice to buy your products

Not an exhaustive list but you get the idea.

Once you have your, Who is the who defined you can start creating content and ad copy that address their pains, empathizing with them and show them that you have the perfect solution.

Ok, at this point your saying this a lot of work why should I spend my time doing this?

Have you ever watched a commercial on TV and felt they are talking just to you. Right!

To be blunt it works, its what the big boys use to get you to open your wallet and spend on their products.

I used this to build marketing plans to sell multi-million dollar products in my corporate day job, if it works there, it works online period.

So get to know your target customer, there inner secrets and desires; you will be able to look into their heads and push the buttons that make them now, like and trust you.

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