You Must Be Doing This In Your Social Media Campaigns

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You Must Be Doing This In Your Social Media Campaigns

Today I am looking at one essential media type that you must be used if your going to build a successful social media Campain.

What is that?

Well, its Video.

I know that it is scary for some people to get in front of a camera but the benefits of doing so far out way the fear factor. Just do it, it will get easier over time.

Trust Me!

In the fast-moving world of Facebook, Twitter, etc. you need to create an impact to stop the scroll and video is a highly effective way to catch the eye and get peoples attention.

Recently Kristel Staci wrote on

It was recently discovered that up to 80% of all internet traffic will be video within the next three years. Additionally, industry stats and case studies show that a video is 50 times more likely to appear on the front page of Google in an average search inquiry. Imagine that: 50 times!

The following projections are also in place for online video by 2021.

Video will represent 80% of all Internet traffic by 2021
There will be nearly 1.9 billion Internet video users by 2021
They’ll be watching 3 trillion minutes of video per month by 2021.”

Case Made!

If these stats don’t make a case for you to make video a crucial part of your social media marketing, then nothing will.

You must integrate pre-recorded with live video. It does not need to be professional looking, in fact, in most cases, it’s better that it is not a Hollywood style production.

Video allows your audience to meet and get to know you. Be yourself and remember that you are not looking to please everyone.

it is better to have a tribe of a thousand that love and trust you than having an audience of 50,000 that do not care what you say.

So to conclude – if you’re using social media in your marketing, then you need to be using video period!

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